I recently finished 21 one -nighters from Mississippi through Memphis, Central IL, Chicago,  Milwaukee, South Bend, back to Central IL at the Alamo and then Quincy, then five nights and a recording session in Minnesota.  Those nights featured the great Jeremy Johnson on drums or guitar.   I played a few dates in Chicago, then flew to Toronto to play on Canadian blues artist Sugar Brown‘s new CD, “It’s a Blues World”, due out in September.   The sessions came out great!   Now I’m finishing up a European tour of West Coast Meets Chicago with Aki Kumar.  We have three more dates in Finland, three in the UK and three in Russia.  Here’s a clip from the Salaise Blues Festival, France, last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4jiC-zvqTA.

Neoprene Fedora, my latest CD, is OUT and currently available on CD Baby and at my shows.   It’s 20 seconds short of having to be a double CD and is chock full of original tunes and great guest appearances as well.   It was recorded on Jan 8 and Jan 30 at Greaseland studios, and features Kid Andersen on guitar, keyboards, baritone guitar and even some bass; Aki Kumar on harp and percussion; Bob Welsh on guitar and piano; June Core and Stephen Dougherty on drums; Vance Ehlers and Chris Matheos on bass; Nancy Wright on sax; Billy Wilson on rub board, and Steve Willis on accordion.  Here’s the beatnik-inspired liner notes: Neoprene fedora— it sounds artificial but it’s fully natural– like the crashing reverb-waves– like carving an A-frame– like aerial guitar behind a shimmying burlesque dancer– dig the Chi-volution!  From neon-lit dives to the encircling sunshine.  From Chicago’s North Avenue, glinting with ice, to the ever-fading and renewing beach-break.. it’s the call to the Cali party.. Neoprene Fedora baby.

Thanks goes to Andy Hugh’s recent article in the South Bend Tribune:  http://www.southbendtribune.com/entertainment/inthebend/music/surf-s-up-for-rockin-johnny-burgin/article_7cf30768-d7e8-5ce3-82c5-0dc40338c09d.html

B-man’s Bues Report just published an interview with me: http://www.bmansbluesreport.com/2017/02/interview-with-dynamic-rockin-johnny.html— hope you enjoy it and thank you B-man!

Thanks to everybody for coming to the shows on this tour.  See you on the road!