This is a great opportunity for folks to get intensive master classes in guitar, bass, and harmonica from highly recognized Chicago blues pros and legends such as Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell, Omar Coleman, John Primer, and many more.  I’m happy to be teaching guitar, bandleading skills, playing useful rhythms and solos that make sense, from June 12-16 at Session 2 of Chicago Blues Camp to be held at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago.  For registration see

I had a great time in Houston the other night at Shakespeare Pub.  I have a few days off– I’m visiting my mom!– then starting on 2.17  I’ll be hitting the road really hard playing just about every night through the end of April.   It’ll be great to see old friends and new in Chicago, Toronto, Clarksdale, France, Russia, etc!

I just finished recording my next CD, Neoprene Fedora, due out 3.15.17.  It was recorded on Jan 8 and Jan 30 at Greaseland studios, and features Kid Andersen on guitar, keyboards, baritone guitar and even some bass; Aki Kumar on harp and percussion; Bob Welsh on guitar and piano; June Core and Stephen Dougherty on drums; Vance Ehlers and Chris Matheos on bass; Nancy Wright on sax; Billy Wilson on rub board, and Steve Willis on accordion.  Here’s the beatnik liner notes: Neoprene fedora— it sounds artificial but it’s fully natural– like the crashing reverb-waves– like carving an A-frame– like aerial guitar behind a shimmying burlesque dancer– dig the Chi-volution!  From neon-lit dives to the encircling sunshine.  From Chicago’s North Avenue, glinting with ice, to the ever-fading and renewing beach-break.. it’s the call to the Cali party.. Neoprene Fedora baby!

B-man’s Bues Report just published an interview with me:— hope you enjoy it and thank you B-man!

Thanks to everybody for coming to the shows on this tour.  See you on the road!