THE WEST COAST MEETS CHICAGO CHILE TOUR w Aki Kumar starts November 14 at Club de Jazz de Santiago.  Wed 11.15: The Jazz Corner, Santiago.  Fri Nov 17: Festival de Puerto Monti.  Sat Nov 18: Bar Grez, Santiago de Chile.   

I’m excited to be part of this new CD “HOWLIN’ AT GREASELAND”,  release date 9.1.  Here’s a the story of how this unique recording came to be: THE PLACE:  Guitarist and recording engineer Kid Andersen started Greaseland Music Services in San Jose CA as a humble home studio to record and rehearse with his musician friends.  In the last five years, Greaseland has grown to be a locus of exciting blues activity that is known to blues lovers the world over, with a client list including the best in the business such as Chris Cain, Elvin Bishop and more– that’s where I did my last two CDs!   The consistent stream of exciting and notable recordings from Greasleand garnered Kid Andersen a Keeping the Blues Alive Award in 2016 from the Blues Foundation.   THE MUSICIANS:  Over the last few years, a core group of loosely affiliated Bay artists became a sort of blues “wrecking crew” — regular players for sessions which seem to go on practically every week, year-round.  These players have an easy camaraderie that comes from working with each other consistently in various combinations, and many of them are featured on “Howlin'”:  Alabama Mike, Rick Estrin, Terry Hanck, Aki Kumar, myself, Johnny Cat Soubrand, Vance Ehlers, long-time Robert Cray pianist Jimmy Pugh, John Blues Boyd, D’Mar Martin and many others.   Each of the participants has always been inspired by the gripping voice and haunting music of the Chicago blues legend Howlin’ Wolf.  To collaborate with this group and bring the music and spirit of Howlin’ Wolf back to life and back on disk, producer Stephanie Tice brought in two legendary blues singers, Taildragger and Henry Gray.  These two artists have deep personal and professional connections to Howlin’ Wolf.   Taildragger started singing in the early 70s under Wolf’s strict mentorship, and has since performed much of Wolf’s material in addition to his own.   Henry Gray played piano on many of Wolf’s most famous recordings and at 92, he’s considered a national treasure.
For the cherry on top, Kid kept the recording light on as the musicians  spoke among themselves, informally and between takes, about personal remembrances of Howlin’ Wolf.  These unguarded anecdotes turned out to be precious spoken word histories.  Interspersed through the songs on this CD, they illustrate in a unique way the impact Howlin’ Wolf and his music has had over the decades.   This CD is available on CD Baby, Bluebeat Music and Bear Family music.
BLUE MOON HARMONICA ENDORSEMENT:  I’m happy to say I’m now endorsing Blue Moon harmonicas, crafted by Tom Halchak in Clearwater, FL.  For more info, please see   I find these harps to be very responsive, easy to play and to be a huge improvement over my stock Special 20s.

Critics and DJs are loving “Neoprene Fedora”, my latest CD, which is currently available on CD Baby,  Bluebeat Music and Bear Family, and at my shows.  It’s 70+ minutes of music,  is chock full of original tunes and exciting guest appearances as well.   It was recorded at Greaseland studios, and features Kid Andersen on guitar, keyboards, baritone guitar and bass; Aki Kumar on harp, percussion and vocals; Bob Welsh on guitar and piano; June Core and Stephen Dougherty on drums; Vance Ehlers and Chris Matheos on bass; Nancy Wright on sax; Billy Wilson on rub board, and Steve Willis on accordion.  Here are some recent reviews:

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